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A Guide to Rock Art Hiking Adventures

Petroglyphs arise by taking out the outer dark surface of a rock, referred to as rock varnish, to expose the lighter surface beneath. Stone isn’t precisely datable in the timeline of the history of man. However, the rock varnish or patina takes a lengthy period to form. It can be formed by living bacteria on the rocks as well as applying clay particles to the rock. During the process, they include the manganese that offers a dark shade or hue. Immediately the patina is taken out, bacteria begin to recreate patina on the new surface. So, it is factual to say that darker Petroglyphs are older as they have had more exposure to the patina formation.
On the other hand, pictographs are created by painting on the surfaces of rocks. Whereas a lot of them utilize mineral pigments, they may utilize natural binders top attach the pigments to the surface of rocks so they stay on the surface for an extended period. If the pigments or binders have carbon, they may likely provide a foundation for radiocarbon dating. These may be familiar terms if you are not new to archaeology.
These are the basis of rock art which are works of earlier inhabitants in the earth before human beings evolved fully to the modern man we see today. Early human beings, used stones to peck petroglyphs, brushes to apply paints or pictograms using paints using pigments ground by mortars. If you are into archaeology and rock art to be specific, you probably know that the earth is full of archaeological sites with rock art, scattered in different regions. In the US, you can find a lot of sites in the southwestern part where you can find rock art believed to have been made by native Indians who were early inhabitants. They are part of culture that we all should appreciate. They are more than symbols and paintings of animals as they can enlighten you and make you more conscious about the evolution of culture and the world in general.
A lot of pictographs and petroglyphs are found in caves which were preferred places for the early man. Therefore, if you are planning for an archaeological trip or adventure to see rock art, you should be ready for a hike. It may be a good way you can educate yourself and your family, and also bond with loved ones. However, you have to prepare well for the hiking adventure to ensure you are getting a memorable experience.
Firstly, you have to identify your specific destination, considering that there are a lot of sites that you can visit. Knowing where you desire to visit will assist in the logistics and guarantee that you are engaging in a setting that will suit your needs. You will save time and money because proper planning will be done.
The landscape may not be even, meaning that a bit of effort may be required to tour around. As such, you will want to factor your fitness levels before proceeding for the hike. Prepare yourself physically to ensure you aren’t having a hard time moving around.
Last but not least, make sure you are carrying the right gear which includes the attire. This is not an activity you want to dress formally for as it may be constricting and tiring. Put on a pair of trekking boots and have an outfit that allows you to move with ease.

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