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How Packaging Can Make or Break a Cannabis Brand

With north of 20 U.S. states legalizing cannabis, the industry is undoubtedly on the rise. Cannabis entrepreneurs everywhere in the country are also more mainstream than ever in their approach to business. From THC-laced brownies to cannabis-infused coffee, consumers now embrace marijuana more openly than before.

Anyone who wants to find success in the thriving market should realize that cannabis packaging plays a vital part. Before anything else, all necessary precautions should be in place to make sure that every legal requirement is followed. By doing so, the business is telling the world that their products are safe, they abide by the law, and they are legit companies selling legit, high-quality products.

It is, however, counterproductive to make cannabis products overly mainstream. Marijuana products marketed with candy brand packaging, for example, is causing concern among parents simply because the approach attracts children as well as misleads them. This is an era when parents are extremely conscious about the welfare of their young ones, so suppliers should be very careful with their retail packaging so they don’t end up sending the wrong signals.

In any case, it is crucial for cannabis suppliers to be totally transparent when labeling all of their products. In a lot of states all over the country, regulations ensuring this practice are now in the final stages stages. For anyone planning to enter the market, the guiding principles behind such new rules and policies must be followed to keep potential legal issues at bay.

Packaging does and will always be crucial in terms of making or breaking a brand, including marijuana products. It does not merely serve as a container for a product; it can deliver a message about it too, specially about its quality. If this message is vague, people are likely to look away. Packaging is not only meant for the eye – it should also provide vital information, such as potential risks or hazards, for consumer’s peace of mind.

At the end of the day, compliance and communication have the largest roles to play in driving cannabis into the mainstream. These products must be marketed beyond earning a good reputation or getting massive exposure. Packaging, by itself, should be deemed a major part of their overall marketing agenda. This is particularly vital for businesses that are associated with negative sigma, as in the cannabis business.

By providing clear, concise and truthful information on their packaging, this stigma can be slowly eliminated. For instance, scientific and medical terms should be used instead of recreational slang words to build a mindset of cannabis as medicine. Sometimes, all it takes for people to pay attention is to a cannabis product is to show that there is something beneficial they can get from it.

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